What if we stopped saying no and started saying yes...

San Diego is at a crossroads.  The older, established generation have quickly and effectively become NIMBYs: Not in my backyard!  When any mention is made of density, of bike lanes, or of mixed use development, an uproar ensues, claiming that San Diego will soon become LA, or Manhattan.  Property values will crash!  Bicyclists are lawless troublemakers!

For too long the chorus of "NO" has not been met with a responding "YES."  There are many of us that dare to dream of a better city, one that is accessible to all, responsive to the needs of a new generation, and a city that can truly live up to its potential.  This site is devoted to those who choose to say, Yes, in my backyard!  Yes to the mixed use, walkable communities.  Yes to alternative transportation.  Yes to a sustainable city.

I hope this site can become a group effort.  If you would like to contribute, to dare to dream, please get in touch.