Low Hanging Fruit: Easy Changes San Diego Could Make that Would Have a Positive Impact

Changes the City could make now, for little or no immediate cost, that would make this city less auto-centric and also have very little impact on the majority of residents. I honestly do not see how these would enrage many people but could make a big impact on those that want to walk and bike more.

1.  Pass a Vision Zero Initiative

2. Pass a Cyclist Anti-Harassment Ordinance

3. Limit lane width in the urban core to a maximum of 10 feet without an exceptional circumstance.  All new roads and resurfacing projects have to apply the new maximum with any extra space devoted to bike lanes or medians.

4. Eliminate all minimum parking requirements for new and existing developments.

5.  Repeal the City's jaywalking ordinance

6. Institute Demand-Based Pricing on the new smart parking meters and in city-owned parking lots.

7. Sync traffic lights in the urban core to allow unimpeded pedestrian and cyclist travel rather than cars.


What else do you have?