Try These Six Easy Steps to End Car Dominance in the United States

  1. Find the best plaintiffs' attorney in California.
  2. File a class action lawsuit against all cell phone makers on behalf of all people injured in a car accident involving a cell phone.  This is thousands upon thousands of people.
  3. Allege cause of action for strict products liability for the design defect that using a cell phone while driving can cause accidents.  Claim that the phone's design of being inherently addictive is a substantial factor in causing the crashes.  When the cell phone makers claim that the benefits outweigh the risks, ask them: what's more important, our children's lives or your ability to play Candy Crush while blowing through a stop light?
  4. When the cell phone makers claim that they can't be blamed because it's illegal to use a phone while driving, ask them if they really think that people's misuse of the phones was not reasonably foreseeable.
  5. When the cell phone makers try and settle given the horrible publicity (Smart Phones Are Killing Our Children!), make an offer to settle if they install locks making all phones inoperable when moving at automobile speeds.
  6. Now that no one can use a cell phone in a car, watch as the entire American population abandons their cars en masse.  Huzzah!

All kidding aside, cell phones have to be one of the worst things to happen to pedestrians.  See this.  Or this.  If we could somehow end this incredible danger by broadly locking down phones in cars, there would be a huge decline in driving.  Two birds, one stone.